Brett Boyd

Music composer/sound designer/audio nerd in Nashville, TN. 

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What I can help you with:

Music score

A professional score that gives your project emotion and impact.

Sound design

Detailed sounds that help your world feel alive and believable.

Audio mix

Careful balancing that ensures immersion and quality.

Audio producer

Important decisions that shape the experience and direction of your audio.

Why me?

Being a good composer is more than just making music

Outstanding audio is impossible unless the composer intricately listens to your needs, communicates clearly, works efficiently, and finishes on time and under budget.

Along with always creating the best music and sound I can, providing you with a fantastic experience matters just as much!

In their words:

Caleb Mueller

director - Collision Course

I'd never worked with a composer before, so I was ecstatic and also a little nervous, but I gave Brett the examples of the things I saw in my head, the things that inspired me, and he was able to take these aspects and translate them to music. It's been an experience that really elevates the films that I work on

Hearing that score, hearing that sound design for myself, I realized, "Holy crap, we actually made a movie!"

Brennan Cottrell

game developer - (square)

Brett went above and beyond what I even asked-- a great example was when he added a sound effect for the bounce. I hadn't even though of that... and it added so much to the game! The game before it was like 50% of what it was after it. So good! I really appreciated that.

The sounds give a lot of meaningful feedback, and the music captures the overall feel of the game very well. It has been great collaborating with Brett, and I hope to do it again!

Portfolio - My Latest & Greatest

Here are a few of my recent projects!

A description of each project and my respective contributions are beneath each title.

"The Birth of a King" Live in Concert

2022 - orchestration and arranging

Working under Ben Blasko, I was responsible for arranging and orchestrating Tommee Profitt's "It Came Upon a Mignight Clear" and "Come All Ye Faithful" for 50-piece orchestra, 100-person choir, full band, and solo artists.

Despite this project's scale, we completed our work at a professional level of quality that was commended by Tommee Profitt!

Highlight: Chapter 2


2022 - videogame - minimalist, hybrid electronic score - sound design - audio mix

Bringing the minimalist and understatedly chaotic world of (square) to life was a great challenge! Using a unique blend of acoustic instruments and synthesizers, I created the music score and the sound design, while also handling all mixing/mastering. Yet again, I managed to be a one-stop shop for audio, with incredible results!

(sqaure)- Steam page

Soundtrack (Spotify)

Soundtrack (Apple Music)


They've Been Waiting For You

Awarded Best Composer (Honorable Mention)

2022 - short film - orchestral score

Collaborating with fellow composer Kaleb Clarke, we used strong melodies, a rich musical soundscape, and recurring motifs to create the right atmosphere, bring the characters to life, and to advance the narrative in a natural way-- with all its twists, turns, and suspenseful moments. 

The film also won the Best Composer (Honorable Mention) and Best Fiction Short (Honorable Mention) awards in the American Golden Picture International Film Festival!

Highlight: 2:55


OST Composing Jam #4-- 2nd place in "composition," top 5% overall

2022 - competition - epic orchestral - one-person choir​

With a picture and theme word as inspiration for this competition, I wrote a lush, melodic piece that incorporates my own live-recorded tin whistles and vocals to tell a story. Pushing my orchestration and vocal skills to new heights, this project was incredibly fun!

Out of 196 entries, "Venture" ranked 2nd in the "composition" category and 8th overall (out of 196 entries), ranking in the top 5%!

Highlight: 00:19

Collision Course

3rd Place in Best Original Score, nominee for Best Sound Design 

2022 - short film - synth sci-fi score - sound design - dialogue edit - audio mix​

I used the power of music and the magic of sound design to create a believable, engrossing atmosphere while simultaneously providing context and narrative motion. 

In addition to creating the score and sound design, I also prepared the full audio mix for the film. I was able to utilize my skills to be a one-stop shop for audio!

Collision Course was nominated for Best Live-Action Narrative, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, and was the 3rd place winner for Best Original Score at Lipscomb University's 5-Minute Film Festival.


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