My Project Portfolio

Here's what I've been up to lately!


1st Place in Best Animation Original Score, 2nd Place in Best Animation Sound Design

2023 - short film - classical / bluegrass score - sound design - sound mix

Responsible for all audio in the film, I worked with the Lipscomb class of '24 Animation students to bring Arco to life, the violin-playing mouse who discovers the magic of bluegrass music.

I composed the score, created parts for the live violin and harmonica players, hired the musicians, and recorded the music, in addition to handling all sound design, mixing, and mastering.

Arco was awarded Best Animation Film, Best Animation Screenplay, Audience Choice for Animation, Best Animation Original Score, and 2nd Place in Animation Sound Design at Lipscomb University's 5-Minute Film Festival.

"The Birth of a King" Live in Concert

2022 - orchestration and arranging

Working under Ben Blasko, I was responsible for arranging and orchestrating Tommee Profitt's "It Came Upon a Mignight Clear" and "Come All Ye Faithful" for 50-piece orchestra, 100-person choir, full band, and solo artists.

Despite this project's scale, we completed our work at a professional level of quality that was commended by Tommee Profitt!

Dog Dash

2022 - videogame - team lead & head designer - software development- chill acoustic score - sound design - custom audio implementation

I lead a team of 4 other developers in my collaborative Software Engineering class, conceptualizing, designing, coding, and polishing an engaging infinite runner game through several iterative sprints in an agile development workflow. We were required to use the low-level SFML framework for C++, but we overcame the challenge with style, essentially building out the game from scratch.

I wore a lot of hats for this project (listed above), and I learned so much about the game development and software engineering world.

Highlights: "Title Theme" and "Level 5"

Crossy Road Rescore

2022 - videogame rescore - zany folk music - adaptive audio

Following a truly crazy creative brief from my professor, I wrote a hypothetical music score for the hit mobile game Crossy Road-- incorporating the ridiculous backstory my professor made up for this project. 

The score includes 7 full tracks, where the first 4 level themes progress through nonlinear looped sequences, depending on the player actions, and a Game-Over stinger is also included.

Highlight: Chapter 2


2022 - videogame - minimalist, hybrid electronic score - sound design - audio mix

Bringing the minimalist and understatedly chaotic world of (square) to life was a great challenge! Using a unique blend of acoustic instruments and synthesizers, I created the music score and the sound design, while also handling all mixing/mastering. Yet again, I managed to be a one-stop shop for audio, with incredible results!

(sqaure)- Steam page

Soundtrack (Spotify)

Soundtrack (Apple Music)

The Lipscomb Studio Orchestra played the score live along with the film!

"They've Been Waiting For You"

Awarded Best Composer (Honorable Mention)

2022 - short film - orchestral score - orchestration - conducting

Collaborating with fellow composer Kaleb Clarke, we wrote, recorded, and mixed the film score. 

Additionally, for the Film Score Concert, we revisited the piece's orchestration, created all sheet music, and assembled the audio session for the live concert-- additionally, I conducted a chunk of the orchestra rehearsals myself.

The film also won the Best Composer (Honorable Mention) and Best Fiction Short (Honorable Mention) awards in the American Golden Picture International Film Festival!

Highlight: 2:55


OST Composing Jam #4-- 2nd place in "composition," top 5% overall

2022 - competition - epic orchestral - one-person choir​

With a picture and theme word as inspiration for this competition, I wrote a lush, melodic piece that incorporates my own live-recorded tin whistles and vocals to tell a story. Pushing my orchestration and vocal skills to new heights, this project was incredibly fun!

Out of 196 entries, "Venture" ranked 2nd in the "composition" category and 8th overall (out of 196 entries), ranking in the top 5%!

Highlight: 1:50

"Radiance" Arrangement

2022 - arrangement/orchestration - mockup​

Pushing my mockup and ear-training skills to the limit, I transcribed every note of the Radiance battle music from the acclaimed indie game Hollow Knight, and I recreated the entire track according to my own creative sonic vision-- purely for fun (and to build those skills!)

Be sure to check out the ending-- you don't want to miss it. The pipe organ pedals hit different.


2022 - SATB choir piece

My first foray into concert composition, "Lost" is a piece for SATB choir with divisi, that "uses drifting, expressive melodies and evocative choral textures to capture the listlessness and detachment of feeling lost in life, but finds solace in the musical journey and resolution at its conclusion."

Highlight: 00:19

Collision Course

3rd Place in Best Original Score, nominee for Best Sound Design 

2022 - short film - synth sci-fi score - sound design - dialogue edit - audio mix​

I used the power of music and the magic of sound design to create a believable, engrossing atmosphere while simultaneously providing context and narrative motion. 

In addition to creating the score and sound design, I also prepared the full audio mix for the film. I was able to utilize my skills to be a one-stop shop for audio!

Collision Course was nominated for Best Live-Action Narrative, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, and was the 3rd place winner for Best Original Score at Lipscomb University's 5-Minute Film Festival.

"I Catch You"

Score Relief- competition entry

2022 - one-person choir

Every voice you hear (except, well, the monologue) is my own, all 3½ octaves of it! I highlighted and accentuated the raw emotion of the scene while preserving the focus and clarity of the monologue-- using only my own voice!

WestWorld- chase scene scoring challenge

2021 - upbeat, hybrid electronic big-band 

Hybrid electronic jazz?? This absolutely wacky instrumentation choice allowed me to drive the action forward while also accentuating the absurd, humorous undertone of the chase scene-- proving that good execution can make almost any idea "work." 

Dethroned Devil- videogame score

2021-2022 (in progress) - various genres/styles

With its bombastic boss battle themes and lush, peaceful lake level music, this score certainly has tonal range. Here's a demo track for the Wingless Grove area!

Star Wars KOTOR- rescore with adaptive soundtrack mockup

2021 - brooding, atmospheric sci-fi synths

I'd definitely skip around in this one-- it cycles through 3 different musical layers.

Taking a scene of gameplay from Knights of the Old Republic that had no music, I created a system of musical building blocks that could fade in and out to create different layers for different "intensity levels" in the gameplay, akin to the soundtracks of many modern videogames.

8-Bit Game- title screen & level music

2021 - catchy, melancholic chiptune

Making chiptune music is decently simple. Making music that authentically conforms to the hardware limitation of the original NES is not so simple!

Following these strict limitations meant having a max of only four digital voices at once-- square wave, two pulse waves, and a noise channel. This meant I had to think outside the box, and this creative challenge helped me write a very catchy musical theme, which I arranged for both a title screen and in-game level.